Friday, February 23, 2018

Las Vegas! January 2018- celebrating my love's birthday!!

For Rich's birthday this year, he chose Vegas as our go-to get-away!  We won't disclose his age:-)  but it is a milestone birthday, so a special place was required.  The reason for Las Vegas, you ask?  It is not that we LOVE Vegas, as we go about every 3 or 4 years for 3 or 4 nights.  But each time we do go, we have a GREAT time!  As neither of us gambles, and we are not really shoppers,  these are definitely not the attraction.  But, we love how creativity of each of the hotels and casino's, shopping centers, and attractions...and mostly the food and shows!  Plus this year, Rich's sister Debbie and her husband Bill joined us!.. The only person missing- our dear Cody.  Because he decided he wanted to be a college student, he stayed behind to attend class, feed the cats and our fish Henry.

Here is a snapshot of the cool things we saw.  The city just keeps getting better and better at creating public spaces.  Really amazing!

In the public space by New York New York, an entire area so well set up with sitting areas, art, access to food, water features, and music stages.

Can you guess why we chose Vegas?  LOL

Bellagio- such a beautiful hotel!  Here is the Chihuli ceiling and dancing waters!

We went to the Cirque de Soleil show LOVE, a tribute to the Beatles!  Truly fantastic!  This is a show we loved, and we love Cirque shows!

One of the many (and I mean MANY!!!!!) shops in Las Vegas:-).  So many unique shops with things available here that are not available in Fresno:-)
Me and a predator!  Made of salvaged metal!

Back to Bellagio- check out the be-jeweled horse!

Chinese New Year is upon us- the Year of the Dog.  Chinese New Year decorations were everywhere!

#HighRollerVegas- the largest ferris wheel!  550 feet above Las Vegas!
Rich doing Yoga at the top, with Vegas beyond!

The Ferris Wheel from afar
 More Year of the Dog:-)

The Venetian!  As we had just been to Venice in November, so this hotel really brought it home to us!  With the street performers taking the trophy!

Another shop, but just had to:-)

The coolest Starbucks window!!!

Who doesn't love Hershey's!!  After visiting Hershey PA in June 2017, we visit them all:-)

Cool street view!

Downtown Las Vegas- Fremont Street- what a great place!!!!  The light show on the over-head ceiling was just fantastic!!!!  We were joined by our friend Tiana!  There were street performers, music, restaurants, and neon lights everywhere!!!

A couple photos around town-

Our reason for choosing Vegas: CHER!!! What a fantastic show!!  She did this awesome duet with Sonny singing "I Got You Babe"!!  Sonny was on a video screen singing his part, with Cher singing live!  It was magic!  Then of course, she had costume changes, sang an incredible array of her hits, and talked to the audience in a way that made us feel like we were friends!  It was MAGIC!!!  Happy Birthday my love!!!!