Saturday, February 15, 2014


    Rich and I have always enjoyed "doing things"!  Rich has an uncanny love of all things music.  His one favorite passion is live music.  I have always loved seeing places and things I have never seen before. Together, we go to all the local festivals, listen to music at different venues, travel around as much as we can, and generally keep busy:-).

    We are both now retired!  Rich retired this January, and I retired back in February 2012.  Now, we can start our dream vacation: live and travel in Europe for an extended period.  Right now, our plan is to travel around, with a block of 2 or 3 months where we want to rent an apartment and live in Berlin.

    Right now, we have a 2 week cruise from Ft. Lauderdale (never been to Florida, so we are spending 4 days there:-)) to Barcelona Spain!  Stops in Ponta Delgada, Azores (really- when would we ever get there if not for this cruise?), Cadiz, Malaga, Cartagena, and finally Barcelona!  We both love Barcelona, so this is a fun place to get off the ship and start our travels!

     So far, our plans are for a few weeks: Valencia, Cordoba, Granada, Seville, then to Portugal.  The fun of it- we have no specific plans of how long we will stay in each place!  Our only reservations at this time: Ft. Lauderdale for 4 nights, and Barcelona for 5 nights.

     Check my next post for more plans!  BTW- taking care of the prep work: auto pay for bills, getting a gardner and pool person (I was both), and setting up access for our money- ROYAL PAIN!!!  But worth it:-)

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