Monday, April 7, 2014


I just love Buskers!  What started out many moons ago as street entertainers has turned into a total art-form of creativity!  People putting together ever-more elaborate and creative outfits/gimmicks to gain the tourist coin.  Of all the cities I have been to, many have these Buskers on pedestrian malls.  But, none tops Barcelona for the number and variety!  Each of the 4 times I have been here, there have been different Buskers, but always creative!

 This Busker was really good- give her money, and she would fan herself and give you a big smile.

 This Busker was incredible!  He kept the same pose for forever!  Give him money, and he changed his pose to wave at you, or smile, or some other action- and hold that pose until the next person.  Really skillful.

 I am a sucker for angels who defeat demons:-)

Galileo!  (yes, I hummed the tune!) and he lets you look through a telescope for a picture, for money.

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