Friday, April 4, 2014

Cardiz, Spain

I have come to the conclusion that Spain does coastal towns better than any country!  I Loved San Sebastian on the north coast, Sitges south of Barcelona, Cardiz, and now Malaga!  The one great common denominator with each of the coastal towns is a coastal sea-wall with stone-tiled walking promenade; beautiful lights; flowers, shrubs, and trees; and views  of the sea!

Cardiz, which is situated on a peninsula, has wonderful non-grid pattern, narrow, and winding streets with tiny shops, delicious pastries, decorative tiles above or next to doors, wonderful plazas, and beautiful cathedrals and church's, but best of all, a sea wall and promenade that almost circles the entire city.  Because it was a sea-faring city in days of old, it had multiple watch-towers around the city to observe arriving ships.  We climbed the Torre Tavira (Tavira Tower), the tallest (142 feet) remaining watchtower: the view was beautiful!  You could see the green sea all around the entire city.  It is small enough that you could see individual buildings throughout.

The Central Market had an incredible variety of seafood for sale- including the head of a sword fish!  The market also had shops that sold great red wines: Ribero del Duoro and Rioja, fresh Paella (a delicious rice dish), tasty cheeses, and crunchy rolls with Spanish ham. We got to share it with Phillip and Thaddeus, making it the perfect day with the perfect lunch!!!

The Cathedral here is impressive in size and beauty, but most impressive is that it is not so overly gilded as to be gaudy, as many churches can be.  The Cathedral has the most amazing crypt, with ante-chambers containing relics and crosses.  Sadly, I could not locate the crypt-keeper (LOL!).  But, the most entertaining thing in Cadiz was running into Donna and Dick for their fun wit!

 Rich, Phillip, Thaddeus (hidden), and Dick

 A typical Cardiz plaza with lots of beautiful monuments and buildings.

 Thaddeus photobombing a picture of Rich on a cute street.

 Cathedral Crypt (so cool!!)
 Cardiz from the tower!

 Rich, Phillip and Thaddeus at the sea wall/promenade
The central market and the shrimp lady!

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