Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cordoba: the Great Mesquite! (not the wood for BBQing!)

As early as the mid-700's, Cordoba had a church- St. Vincent's church.  With the ruling moors, the church was torn down and the largest mosque in Europe.  In 1236, Cordoba was re-conquered by King Ferdinand III (not of the Ferdinand and Isabel fame), and Codoba was again Christian.  In 1523, the great Cathedral of St. Vincent began to be built, and was integrated into the remains of the great Mosque.  Much as St. Sophias in Istanbul became the mosque Hagia Sophia, the Spanish retained the architecture.

We decided to take a day-trip from Seville and visit this World Heritage Site- and were amazed!  It truly is beautiful!  The city is very nice,but you can tell the economic collapse has taken its toll here.

The original walls remain, surrounding the complex; a beautiful bell tower was added, and many chapels, along with the central nave, incorporated the orginal structure.  There are about 1000 of the arches!
 Rich in the center of the cathedral: note the support posts and moorish arches!

 Better view of the supports and arches

 Detail of the sacristy ceiling!  Totally beautiful!

 All the doorways were arched in interesting designs

 The entire complex had sky-lights, allowing the light to dance around the complex as the sun moved!

 YEA!  St. George made an appearance!

across the river is the cathedral: here is the bridge, cathedral, Roman arch, and medieval post with the archangel Michael atop.

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