Monday, April 14, 2014


All the plans of mice and men!  So we had the perfect plan: Valencia for a few days, then to Granada for the Alhambra, then to Seville for Good Friday and Easter- perfect!  But then our lessons for flexibility came into play!  And you all know how flexible Rich and I are:-).  First, no tickets to the Alhambra- for weeks!  What?  This is early April, how can they be sold out?!  So we decide we will wing it, and go to get out train tickets anyway.  No seats from Valencia to Granada!  What?! And to make it worse, no seats from Granada to Seville!  What?!  What?!  The one great monument we wanted to see- the Alhambra- is now off the table, and our beautiful little plan is ruined.  But wait:  there are seats to Madrid, and seats from Madrid to Seville.  In the end, a silver lining: we get to see Madrid, which was not even on our radar.  Even though we were put out, we know there are no disappointments, just different adventures.  Oh- and I was then late in cancelling our room in Granada and got hit with a hefty cancellation penalty- OUCH!  For Cheapskates like us-that hurts!  But, we got a col room in Madrid, so...  Off to the beach now here in Valencia where it is sunny and warm!

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