Friday, April 4, 2014

Ponte Delgado, Azores, Portugal- cool little island!

We only spent 8 hours on the cute little town of Ponte Delgado in the Azores, part of Portugal, but we were very lucky to have visited this little piece of Portugal in the Atlantic!  The town is really small and very walkable.  The ship docked right off the promenade, so access was very easy.  The town has a really nice sea-side promenade, beautiful botanical park, an interesting central market, great vistas from the church on the hill, and a town square perfect for sitting and having a beer and people watching.  What I really liked was the black and white stones used throughout the town to create a mosaic sidewalks and town square.  The black and white color scheme was used throughout the building of the town, providing a quaint consistency to the island.

 The city gates looking toward the cathedral tower and town square.

 Cathedral on the hill with great vistas.

Rich and Terry having a beer in the town square!  Notice the white rock mosaic.

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