Wednesday, April 9, 2014

St. George

Reportedly, St, George was a Roman soldier who repented and eventually became a Saint by using his soldiers sword to kill evil (stylized by the dragon).  Not quite the information on Wikipedia, but I like the old story better.  Whatever his origins, he is my favorite saint!  You can find him everywhere, but especially here in Barcelona as he is the patron saint of Barcelona, as well as the Patron Saint of Britain, so I should see lots of him there.  But, in the 4 days we have been here, here are some of the st. George figures I have found:
 I frieze above the entry of the Catalunya official building

 A statue inside the museum of the palace of the kings- interesting how it is inverted!

 A frieze on a wall of one of the many cute little plazas here in Barcelona

 St. George on a 9th century wooden painting (inside the Catalunya museum, Plaza Espana)

 A silver figurine of St. George

An 11th century painting on wood.  Note all the demons surrounding him!

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