Thursday, April 10, 2014

things of no importance, but I wanted to spread the news anyway

We decided to spend 2 extra days in Barcelona, but didn't want to pay so much for our room, which was actually quite expensive, for us.  So we moved to a hostel near the cathedral in Bari Gotic- what a difference $50 a night makes:-)  No  more do we have the coffee machine with THE best cafe con leche for me and espresso for Rich, choice of meat and cheeses, yogurt with granola, breads, fruit and tasty little croissant cookies- here it is all about the white bread in a plastic wrapper, no-name strawberry jam with margarine and instant coffee. But we do get juice:-).  Oh, and the noise from the street kept us up most of the night, so we probably will be bitchy with each other.

Because of Easter, our room in Seville is super expensive- like $650 for 5 nights!  Yikes- talk about breaking the bank!  So we are working on renting a room there, booking it through  Everyone we talk to loves it, but it is our first time.  Will let you know how it works out.

Today, we go to a couple of museums, and hopefully to the coastal town of Sitges for Calamari!  It is about 45 minutes by train south of Barcelona, but lovely.  Nothing like the sea, I say.  Tomorrow, we are off to Valencia!

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