Friday, April 11, 2014

Valencia- we're loving it!!

God it was hard to say goodbye to Barcelona today!  Even though we stayed at a cut-rate hostel the last two nights, we met some really interesting people staying there, and we had a balcony over-looking the old Roman wall, a cute square with statues, and a boulevard covered with Beau-Art buildings (Laetana Blvd).  And, they were all beautifully lit up at night.  But it was time to go, and a 5 hour train ride later, here we are.  But in the few hours we have been here: WOW!!!!  We are loving it!  Great old town with windy streets, plazas, churches galore, statuary, lots of wall-art (not graffiti, actual paintings on walls!), beau-arts boulevards, and great prices.  We are staying at this cool little pension in the old town, with the nicest, and most enthusiastic woman imagineable.  So here are a few photos just to whet your whistle:-):

 Plaza De La Reina, with the cathedral and belltower.  We climbed the bell tower!  Easy climb in the old medieval circular stone staircase style

 Inside the cathedral- very nice

 Check out this cop car!!!!!  Guess there isn't much crime here!  

 We had a light lunch, cafe con leche, and dessert: Banuelos, dipped in hot, thick chocolate!  Better than churros!!!!!

 Rich on top of the belltower- it was REALLY loud

 View of the cathedral and Plaza De La Virgen (and Basilica of the Virgen- blue dome- awesome painting inside the dome)

This is the town square!  All beau-arts buildings showing the power of Spain!  Beautiful!  It has this very cool fountain, too, but I could not fit it into the picture.

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