Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ciao Milano!

So we are now away from Milan...tears.  We loved it very much, and had a great time sight-seeing and visiting Lake Como and Vicenza and Justin!  but all things must pass, so we are off.  But don't feel sad for us- we are going to Florence!

We had a real good last day in Milan!   The sun was shining and there were awesome clouds!  Here are some parting shots as we said good-bye.
 Found this very interesting coffee shop and burger joint:-).  We didn't have one, but bet you really got amped up after lunch!
 We found this great area of canals- they are in the middle of refurbishing them.  These canals were started in the 1300's and were a major shipping lane for Milan.  We went back at night, with all the lights on, and had dinner and a drink.  Our new favorite drink is the Spritz Aperol.  It is delicious!   
 The Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle in the sun
 The Duomo Cathedral in the sun!
And what is a Gothic Cathedral without graphic violence:-)  Puts the fear of God right in you!

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