Sunday, May 18, 2014

Florence- continued

So we have now left Florence for Rome.  Very sad, actually, as we loved Florence.  Not to live in, but to visit- Definitely!  So here are some of my thoughts on Italy so far:  I was actually quite apprehensive about coming to this country.  I was here in 1978 and again with Rich in 1984.  The Italians, both times, were chaotic!  They would drive on the side walk, honk their horns, scream at each other and at us, no one spoke English, and were completely unhelpful.  In general, the country was a pain in the ass.  Not so now!  Nice, polite, passionate yes, but really great!  And helpful as can be.  Really a great people!  Especially great were Antonella and Umberto at our hotel (Hotel Hermes)- truly great people!

The city of Florence really takes you by the heart.  It was slow in its grasp.  ou arrive and you know you are in a great city, you look at art, you drink great cappucino's and wine, you wander the streets always discovering something new and beautiful, and ALWAYS come across a great building.  At first, it is sight-seeing overload, then it seeps into  your soul, and you become part of it.  When visiting, don't just hit the sights; wander and let her become part of you; your life will be richer because of it!

One thing I observed was there are lots (I mean LOTS) of unidentifiable African men here hawking junk:-): sunglasses. mass produced bracelets and ear rings, weird little nick-nacks, and very nice purses and bags.  The Italians all say they are very nice, but they are odd.   They run when the police arrive, speak some language I have never heard (it is not Swahili, as I wear my t-shirt from Tanzania and they never comment on it), and usually congregate by themselves.  There are also lots of middle-eastern men doing the same- but they sell other weird stuff. It is like they have an agreement not to sell the same things.

Also odd is the Italian we learn  in the US is not the same as they speak here!  I cannot tell you how many times I spoke my best Italian: "Ey Tony- gimme a larga sausaga pizza"!.  They just stared at me!  Even when I cupped my fingers together and shook them from the wrist, they didn't understand!  I didn't get it!  So I had to just speak English with them.  Strange isn't it?!

Now that I have offended everyone of Italian heritage, here are some pictures.  But mind you- the entire city is a photograph!

 The bell tower for the Florence Cathedral (Duomo)- we climbed it: 414 steps
 Ponte Vecchio bridge
 Duomo from the hill top
 Death of Medusa- sculpture- bronze- in the square of the Palacio Vecchio
 Selfie in the Palacio Vecchio square
 Duomo square from the top of the Bell Tower
 Selfie from top of the bell tower
 The red roofs of Florence from top of the Duomo- we climbed it too:-)
 Selfie from top of the Dome
 The Cathedral is beautiful outside but dark and  boring on the inside, except for this great stained glass window
 In the Uffizi Gallerie museum there is no photography, but I grew a pair and took a photo of Boticelli's Venus Rising- just beautiful!!!!!
 Statuary in the square of the Palacio Vecchio
 Nighttime shot of the Duomo
Nighttime shot of Ponte Vecchio- check out the reflection in the river!

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  1. Wow, cool. When we spent a week in Firenze we stayed right behind the Palacio Vecchio. I hope you guys got to Il Latini Restaurant where they just throw food at you. Unbelievable, and fantastic food, I had a t-bone that was like prime rib and so much food you'd want to puke.