Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Florence- such a great city, and we have only been here a few hours!

So we arrived in Florence about 1:30, our hotel is just around the corner from the train station and we love the size of the room and that it has its own bathroom!!!  Haven't had that since Porto:-).  And the people that run the hotel are awesome!  Our first order of business was to go see the David at the Academie.  We had reserved tickets on-line, so no hassle, except.....No Photos!  What?!  But, after going through the museum, we got all teary eyed- it was apparent we were in the presence of greatness!  Truly, Michaelangelo was incredible!

After, we went up this area above the city, recommended by our hotel (I told you they are awesome!) and watched the sunset, city lights come on, drink some wine, and we met a couple from Chicago!  Very cool- and only in a few hours.  Enjoy!

 We couldn't take photos of The David, but how about a photo of a photo?
 The Duomo from the Cathedral Square
 A bronze copy of The David on a hill-top overlooking Florence.  The name, appropriately enough: Piazale Michaelangelo!
 The Duomo from the hill top
 The Ponte Vecchio and River Arno, and other bridges, at sunset!
 Rich and I at sunset
The Duomo at sunset

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