Thursday, May 29, 2014

Imperial Rome: more than just rubble!

Everyone knows about Rome!  We have all seen movies, read stories, studied it in History.  But seeing it in person is so much more!  So little, yet so much, is left.  When you walk thru the areas and see broken columns, partial shells of homes, open areas, you can visualize the city as it was!  Then you traipse through the museums in awe at the statuary and dioramas, and you visualize yourself with Charlton Heston.  Rome is more than an idea or a place to visit.  It is a part of our entire cultural tradition.  It is to be cherished!

 Rich at the Forum
 Temple of Jupiter
 Me at the Colluseum
 Typical street in ancient Rome
 Rubble in a beautiful setting!
 Passageway in the Colluseum
 The floor of the Colluseum
frieze of gladiators

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