Monday, May 12, 2014

Lake Como- not just a day trip!

When we were reading our guide on Milan, there was a little footnote box at the end recommending Lake Como as a day trip.  We always wanted to go to Lake Como as we heard it was really nice.  Really nice?- It is absolutely beautiful!!!!!  And after taking our day trip, we both said this is a place to spend a few days!  The town of Lake Como itself is as cute as can be, then you have this awesome lake.  Best way to describe it: long and lanky with lots of inlets/peninsulas with rapidly rising hills/peaks with the cutest little towns you can imagine nestled in the crevices of each hill/peak.  All this accessible by boats that criss-cross the lake!  We loved it!  And when we saw the town of Bellagio, we had to go!  We figured the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas was patterned after it- it is,in a way.  Sadly, when reviewing my pictures, they did't come out very well as it was hazy, so you won't get the full feel of the beauty.  But a little is better than none:-)

 The view of Lake Como as we travel up to the little towns.
 Lunch on Lake Como: Wine (of course) and sandwiches of Parma ham and local cheese
 Typical street in Bellagio
Rich in the main square of the town of Lake Como

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