Monday, May 12, 2014


Milan!  Home of the famous Duomo Cathedral, Galleria Vittorio Emmanuel shopping center, and now the 2015 World Expo!  Not just another pretty European face:-).  I was last in Milan in 1978, and Rich and I were here for 1 day with our friend Rick G in 1984.  The great thing about these old cities is nothing changes but everything changes.  Getting ready for the Expo, everything is either very clean and fixed up or under scaffolding.  But the scaffolding does not deter from this nice city!

The Expo dates are May 1 thru October 31, 2015.  This is the entry gate- most of the Expo appears to be in the Castello (Castle) area.
The Duomo at night!  Magnificent!
my attempt at video inclusion-this is from the top of the Duomo
Selfie in Duomo Square during the day
Selfie in Duomo Square at night
Decorative detail at the top
And the very top of EVERY spire is a life-size statue!
The interior is large, cavernous, and dark.  Not the most interesting cathedral inside, but does have good stained glass

 The Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle Shopping center from Duomo Square.
 And Rich wanting to shop
 The Castello!  An ancient fortress 
 And actors!
The memorial arch for none other than Napolean:-)

 Rich at the park bridge
And my favorite! Louis Vitton display of a raptor with a handbag:-)  They also had T-Rex with luggage and a Stegosauras dragging more luggage:-)

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