Friday, May 2, 2014

Porto! Our new favorite city!

So it is by accident that we are spending 4 nights here in Porto.  We wanted to be at the beach, but it is still too cold, and when we were on the bus from Seville to Lisbon, we stopped in Albufeira, a cute little fishing village we stayed in for a week in 1986.  Sadly, it is not a little fishing village any longer, rather beach condo hell:-(.  But, we didn't want to stay in Lisbon our entire time, so chose Porto by accident- I was looking for flights from Portugal to Italy, and Porto kept showing up, so we read about it.  Home of Port wine- how bad could it be?!  Been here just a few hours- our new favorite city!  But- you must have strong knees- this city is ALL hills! And they are serious hills!  So far, so good though. We shall see tomorrow!  Beautiful, though, great vistas!  BTW- we are not flying from Porto to Italy- we go back to Lisbon next week:-).

Porto is on the Atlantic, and has the Douro river running thru the middle of it.  All on hills, the UNESCO World Heritage city has tons to offer!
 View of the old town (Rebeira) river-side (Douro River) up to the castle
 Gustav Eifle designed this bridge!
 Selfie from atop the bridge at sunset.....yes, we climbed a million steps to get to the top of the bridge and walk across.  It was amazing!!!!!
 Sunset views of the cathedral domes and crosses
 Sunset view of the castle
Sunset view of the city as reflected in the waters of the Douro River!

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