Sunday, May 4, 2014

Porto: Part Deux!

So we really love Porto!  The past two days have been great!  Saturday (yesterday) started with us taking the Red Bus touring system of on-off thru the city to the city of Matosinhos, just north of Porto. This is the traditional home of the fisherman!  Cute little town, with 3 square blocks of restaurants, all BBQing fish!

 We found this one really cute restaurant!
 And ordered Salmon- Atlantic Salmon, don't ya know!!  It came with steamed veggies and boiled potatoes- with the skin still on.  Then it was drizzled with this great olive oil mixture:  olive oil, garlic, parsley, and salt.   It is mixed and sits for 3 days before being used.  It is my new favorite!!  Of course, we had wine:-).  The salmon was the best I have ever had!  But, we did have excellent Salmon in Lisbon as well.
 Then we went walking in the Atlantic Ocean!  And walked back to Porto, about an hour walk- all along the Atlantic!!!
 In the evening, we walked the port area, because it is so beautiful!!!  Here is an example of how creative Europeans are- they don't waste anything.  This restaurant is inside the arches of an old (like 400 years!) wall!
 Then we went to Aliados Square- the main square.  They were having this annual graduation for all the college students.  They dress up in black clothes and all wear black capes.  Then the bands come on- Fado!!!!!  Sadly, it started at midnight, so we saw about 20 minutes:-).  Then back to the hotel, but stopped off and had a Tropical Burger: hamburger, ham, chicken diced and cooked, held together with cheese, and put on a bun with a fried egg.  Then come the veggies- lettuce and shredded carrots:-)  Trust me- it is delicious!!!  We had another one tonight (Sunday!)
 Oh yea- we hit the street art museum on the way home- incredibly weird stuff, but I liked it- much better than contemporary art, which makes no sense to me at all.
 Today, Sunday, is Port Wine day!  So off to the other side of the river to Villa de Giaia, the main town of Port wine.
 Port wine can only come from the Duoro River region of Portugal, and must be aged in barrels and caves in Villa de Gaia.  Otherwise, like champagne, it is only a Port Method.  Here are the boats they use to transport the Port down the river.
 And of course, we drank some!  Quite good!  I am getting a taste for it.  Still not my favorite wine, but I could get used to it!
Tomorrow, Monday, we are taking a train ride up the Douro river- everyone says it is incredible.  We shall see........

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