Saturday, May 24, 2014

Rome!!!!! First impressions

Rome- What an awesome city!  Everything about Rome is huge!  Huge Piazza's (squares), huge monuments, huge ruins, huge churches, huge crowds.  Rome is essentially huge Piazza's with cool streets that lead you to the Piazza's.  Wandering the streets is amazing- at every turn, the buildings are interesting, the statuary is interesting, fountains everywhere.  Plus, we got to meet a wonderful Roman- Margherita.  We first met her in Florence, even though we didn't know it:-).  She was in a shop we were in, then when we got to Rome, turns out she lives in the area we are staying.  We ended up talking, and spending that afternoon together, and then dinner a few nights later.  We also had an "incident" on the subway (which is archaic and crowded, oddly enough for a world capital!).  These 3 odd looking people- I don't think they were Italian- one was trying to talk to me about how to get to the Vatican (why would they ask a tourist?), another had this small blanket he was twirling around (hiding his hands), and a third tried to pick a fight with Rich!  So weird.  I suspect they wanted to pick-pocket us, but two things: 1- we don't have anything to pick pocket, and 2- our shoulder bags are well sealed.  They ended up getting off at the next stop, but it was unnerving.  One Italian woman told Rich that he needed to watch out for the guy.  Creepy!  Otherwise, fantastic.  

This is the Spanish Steps- and as you can see- it is CROWDED!!!!  Lots of people here- both Italian and tourist.  It is something that must be dealt with every day as the crowds do not go down.  But- it is still totally worth it!

here is Rich in Piazza Popolo!  Great Piazza,just below the park.  And as you can see, he is modeling the latest in little cars:-)

The trees in Roma are amazing!  These trees are everywhere!  And they always look like they were just groomed.  Fantastic!

Here is a sunset photo from the park.  The sky here in Rome always looks a little grayish.  We have learned that around late afternoon, it clears up and they have great sunsets.

Me at the Trevi Fountain.  Toss in a coin, and you will return!

Rich at the Vittorio Emmanuelle monument.  This thing is gigantic!  They have terraces in the back to see the city, a cafe with real expensive drinks (no, we didn't), a free bathroom when you are in the area, and a museum on Italian immigration and war history.

Rich at Piazza Venizia.  The Colluseum is just around the corner, and the Vittorio Emmanuelle monument is under Rich's feet:-).

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