Saturday, July 26, 2014

Berlin: Part Eine

So here we are in Berlin!  Our goal was to live here for 3 months, take German classes, and live like Berliners.  Well, not quite as we wanted it, but living here for 6 weeks is good!  We got out visas and we are living at our favorite Pension here in Berlin, and will be taking a couple weeks of German language classes.  Here is part one of our stay here in Berlin!  We will be posting photos throughout.  Hope you enjoy them!  This is such and Awesome city!!!

Rich and I on July 8, 2014, approx 12:15- selfie of us with our visas in our passports!

 The Berlin Cathedral from the river!
 My favorite square in the city- Nikoliviertel- this is, of course, St. George slaying the dragon!  Huge statue in the most beautiful setting!
 Rich at the Catedral, from the front
 Rich with Ampelmann!  The green light is in the shape of a man walking, the red light in the shape of a man stopped.  These were used in the East.  After reunification, they started to remove them, but stopped from public outcry.  Now the Ampelmann symbol grows in Germany!  Totally cute!
 Rich with the Berlin Bear.  Allover town, there are bears decorated differently- we have photos of almost all:-)
 A bit out of order, but here is Ampelmann on the street light
 Rich at the Vistory Column
 The shadow of the Victory Column, from the top
 Beautiful Square in Berlin- Gendarmenmarkt.  Totally cute!  Great for listening to music or sitting and having a beer.
 Symbol of the DDR, the TV Tower in Alexanderplatz.
 Me with a piece of the wall
 Rich with the car of the DDR- Trabi.  They are so cute, and used everywhere:-)
 Checkpoint Charlie- the point between the American and Russian Sectors.  Now a tourist attraction (complete with fake American soldiers who charge for a photo:-)).

We, I mean the Germans, won the World Cup against a worthy opponent, Argentina.  We of course reveled in the win!  Here are a few photos for you to enjoy:

Goetze, # 19, after scoring the winning point.  Rich took this photo from the big screen tv we were watching at a restaurant!
 Me with my # 19, Goetze shirt at the party to welcome the team home (Berlin) from Brazil!  We shared this day with about 1 million of our new best friends:-)
 The winning team coming into Berlin thru the Brandenburg Tor, taken from the VERY large screen tv in the park.
 Rich and I with the German flag on our face.  Rich is also wearing the German flag.
Rich waving the German flag on top of the Victory Column after the party was over:-)

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