Saturday, July 5, 2014

Budapest- our new favorite city!

Budapest!  Just the name inspires thoughts of exotic peoples, cities, and food!  And it does not disappoint!  We have been to Budapest 3 times now, 1985, 2009, and this year.  Each time, Budapest really delivered a euphoric feeling of being in a great and historic city with a tough people with a will to survive, but demand to have a life they can enjoy with good wine, good beer, good food, and a beautiful city, that is mighty affordable!

The city itself is incredibly beautiful- and the Hungarians focus on cleaning it, and rebuilding in historic styles.  It is a very clean city, a very safe city, with charming people.

The hilly side of the city, Buda, contains the castle hill, palace, and thermal baths.  The flatteday well spent.  The flatterr side, Pest, has the Parliament and most of the museums and restaurants.  The city is divided by the Danube.  A boat ride, preferably at night, is a must!  The lighting of the city is just excellent, and they have multiple, beautiful bridges.  And a visit to a thermal bath is a day well spent.  They have several, all with pools of different temperatures, swimming and relaxing pools, massage, and sun bathing.  They are awesome!  They also have a Turkish Hamam (Rudas).  If you have never been to a Hamam, just do it!  The sexes are separated on different days, though.

 The castle hill at night (sorry for the poor quality photot)
 Parliament at night.
 Rich with the statue of King Steven on Castle Hill
 Rich in one of the many arched doorways, with St. Mathews in the background
 Interior of St. Mathews- this is church that is not to be missed!
 Detail on the wall decorations!
 Fishermans Bastion on the Castle Wall
 King Steven with the Castle wall
 Statues of Huns!  Fierce!
 St. Mathews
The Chain Bridge

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