Friday, July 25, 2014

Dresden- beauty returned from the ashes

Dresden- just the name conjures up memories of history class: the "firestorm of Dresden".  The allies bombed the city for hours, eventually creating a fire so intense, it fed on itself.  80% of Dresden was destroyed.  Thought of as one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, and a center for education, philosophy, and the arts, the loss of Dresden was felt by all.  But the people of Dresden love their city so much, they rebuilt it brick by brick to its former glory.  To ensure we never forget, any original stone that could be used, was used.  This often leads to a patch-work look of blackened and bright brick that is strangely beautiful.

We went to Dresden to meet up with friends from the Camino de Santiago Patrick walked last year.  It was a weekend to remember!  Dresden is a city that deserves our attention!

 Our first meeting: (l to r) Ulla (Dobeln), Linda (Netherlands), Gerhardt (Dresden), Wim (Netherlands, and me.  (Next blog will cover our great weekend!)
 Cathedral in main square
 Dome of cathedral- the Dresden cathedral is VERY light and airy!  Light colors, lots of light; not at all dark.  It is very inviting.
 The old town from top of the cathedral
 Old town street scene- cute and quaint and lovely!
 Part of the old town from across the Elbe river
 One of the main squares, with all of us together: l to r: Rich and I, Ida (wife of Wim), Ulla, Linda and Wim, and Friedrich, boyfriend of Ulla.
 Another view of the old town center
Us in the palace courtyard

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