Saturday, July 12, 2014

Heidelberg, Germany: totally cute

A weekend trip to Heidelberg is just what we needed.  We were in Berlin for a week, but mostly for work.  Not real work, but play work- we worked on getting our visa to stay in Europe longer than the 90 days allowed with the Shengen visa.  We got it!  We actually worked hard the whole week, and it was emotional, as well.  For instance, all I wanted was a new shirt for our visa interview.  I wanted to look professional.  We kept getting way-laid.  And when we actually had time the evening before- all the stores closed.  Who closes stores at 8 PM?!  I was having an aneurism over it.  I am sure Rich was ready to book a flight home from my neurotic behavior!  As it was, my black shirt and khaki cargo pants didn't offend the t-shirt wearing visa worker.  With all the emotions, the answer was.... a trip!  Even though we only had 3 days to go and come back, we decided on Heidelberg, as Rich's Yoga teacher went to college here and told him it was a non-to-be-missed city.  Right she was!  Cute as Shannon's kittens and puppies, this city is!

First, Heidelberg has a really long Altstadt- Old Town!  Must be at least a mile long of beautiful old buildings, little streets with cafes, bars, shops, and interesting people!  Add a cool river (the Neckar), which means you have an old bridge, which must have a gate building!  A huge cathedral is always a must, and it is, with a cool staircase to the top of the bell tower.  Castles always make an old city better: check.  And you must have mountains covered in trees: check.  Oh- great pastries, strong coffee, good peasant food, and beer....lots of beer.  

Since Heidelberg was not bombed in the war, you have authenticity.  It has Germany's oldest university, so you have prestige, which means money, which means cool old neighborhoods.  See where we are going?  Cool old city that is cute!  Is there anything better for old men with the travel bug?  LOL!

I think you should encourage all your young ones to attend college here- there are lots of things to do and it is prestigious.  What an experience for your kids!  Plus you will have a place to stay when you visit Germany!  And since it was our idea, we will also have a place to stay!  LOL!  Please enjoy these photos, knowing that nothing does justice to this great town!

 Rich with our Heidelberg beers
 The main square
 The fountain in the main square
 A view of side streets
 Rich on the old bridge- see the city gate at the end, with the church steeple in the background?  So cool!
 The castle on the hill, old bridge, and city view from across the river.
 The old bridge from the castle
 The Cathedral from the castle
 The castle from the gardens

 The river and town from the castle
 Me and the castle
 Rich and the castle from the top of the Cathedral bell tower
 St. George protecting us
And awesome lighting of the bridge and the castle

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