Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bruge: Quintessentially CUTE!

Bruge- it defines the word "cute"!  to the point that Rich has said I can no longer use the word- ever-again:-).  The city became rich from the cloth industry in the 13th and 14th centuries so the city built beautiful homes, monuments, churches, parks and canals.  Lucky for us, they sank into obscurity for centuries, where they remained unchanged.  Now, the city is the definition of cute.  Every turn on every corner; every movement of the sun; every change in the clouds; every stroll along a canal; every viewing from morning to night, brings something new to the city.  It must be seen to be believed!

Tomorrow morning we leave this beautiful city.  But coming here was something I have dreamed about for decades, ever since I saw photos in Junior High.  So I am fulfilled!  I hope these photos help you decide to visit!

 Roof line showing gables and spires.  They are everywhere in the city.

 At the Church of the Holy Blood, a relic!  Some of Jesus' blood!
 Stained glass in the Church of the Holy Blood

 Rich on one of the many beautiful bridges that cross the canals.
 Belgium is known for waffles!!!!!  They are delicious covered in chocolate:-)

 The Belfrie of Bruge!
 Row houses in the main square!
 A view of the main square
 The Belfrie!

Bruge has many canals, each with many bridges.  Homes and squares line the canals,and they are all beautiful!!!

 Rich on a canal
 The Jan Van Eyk square on the canal
 Another canal view!

 A main square view
 Our favorite beer: Zot dark!  Delicious!

Here are some buildings during the day and night.  The city has GREAT lighting!

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