Sunday, August 31, 2014

We Ghent!

Ghent!  Just the name brings to mind.....well, nothing really:-)  It is the name of a city we read about in Junior High School when we studied medieval Europe.  But our guide book said it is worth a visit as it is a bigger version of Bruge, without the number of tourists.  Right they were!  Rich actually said he wished we were staying in Ghent and not Bruge.  There is merit to what he said, but I have always wanted to go to Bruge, so I am good with where we are.

Rich and powerful in the 13th, 14th, and 15th centuries from cloth.  Their riches are apparent with the beauty of the buildings, squares, and general architecture.  It is also a big university town, so has youth to give it vibrancy.

In short, it was beautiful!  Plus it has canals for boat rides, a castle, towers to climb, squares to sit in.  Just lovely and worth the visit!  It rained much of the day, and sky was grey, so sadly our photos came out washed out- so you will just have to visit in person to take in the absolute beauty!

 One of the many squares in the town!
 Some of the row houses in the main square

Throughout this part of northern Europe, towns and cities built belfries- bells were used for telling time, establishing work hours, notifying the people of events, etc.  Lucky for us, they are still here-and climbable!
 Selfie of the Ghent belfrie
 Night view of the Ghent belfrie
 The old dragon (a new one was put up in the 80's) still scares the dickens out of people:-)
 View from the top!
 The upper part of the belfrie with the dragon

The castle!!!!!  We could go in the courtyard, but the rest was closed.  It even has a museum of medieval torture- too bad we missed it!  (wink wink)

 St.Michaels cathedral- home of the Ghent Altar- Adoration of the Lamb. ( made by JanVan Eyk.  We went to see it, but mass was going on.  We saw it, but no photos- I don't think the parish priest would be understanding:-)
 Outside the church on the Bridge of St.Michael, is a column, with the Archangel Michael smoting a dragon.
 Canal view!
 Street view of the spires of Ghent
Ghent golden dragon beer view!

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