Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Edinburgh- If Hogwarts were a city, it would be Edinburgh!  From the moment you come our of Waverly Train Station, you see incredible brown brick buildings with spires, arches, passage-ways, bridges, hills, all looking straight out of Harry Potter- just incredible.  

The city has some really great pubs, with excellent pub-grub!  My favorite is all the pies they serve- some with puff pastry topping, others with mashed potatoes!  For Rich- fish and chips.  Plus, they have interesting names, good beer, and that famous Scottish whiskey!

The city has a cool castle that over-looks the city, with a beautiful park around it.  The Cathedral is also quite nice!  As Vince Coyle says, Edinburgh is the most visually stunning city on the planet.  Some truth to this, I tell you.  come visit- you won't be disappointed!

Cool pubs!

Beautiful Cathedral

The dark side of the force is strong with this highland storm trooper!

Sunset and city vies- spectacular!

Ghost tour!! Scary!!!

Sunset Whiskey with the group:

The Guillotine- keep sharp objects away from the ones who love us...

Bag-pipers everywhere!  I will miss them- their music is so beautiful!!!!

And the castle- day and night

Castle dungeon

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