Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Notre Dame!

Notre Dame Cathedral!  Just the name evokes memories of the Hunchback and the countless movies he is in!  And don't forget the Gargoyles!  Begun in the 1100's, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Notre_Dame_de_Paris), Notre Dame evolved over the centuries it took to build.  Truly, this is a monument EVERYONE MUST visit just once!  It is magnificent!  Beautiful on the inside, but AWESOME on the outside!  Inside, beautiful stained glass- but very dark.  I found it impossible to take a decent photo on the inside to share with you.

 Rich with Notre Dame in the background.  The Cathedral is on the river, so it is very dramatic!

 Example of stained glass
 The Rose Window!

 Me behind the Cathedral- it is beautiful from all angles!

 Notre Dame from the the river- with Rich and I

 Night-time in the city of lights!

And now for Gargoyles!!!!

 2 Gargoyles in one photo:-)

 There is the other Gargoyle again!

And a selfie at the top of the Cathedral.  When you go, be sure to climb to the top!  Awesome views of Paris.

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