Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Just the thought!  Versaille brings to mind "let them eat cake"; a series of beheadings; the end of royal France...for a while; and the excess of royalty.  We must be grateful it was not burned to the ground!  Another place to visit in your life- at least once!  You will be amazed at the grandeur, the art, the excess, the grounds, the beauty.  Every other palace in Europe wanted to copy it, and few measure up.

 Rich in the main courtyard.  Seriously- this place is massive!
 The kings chapel
 Typical ceiling- seriously!  Theceilings are all works of art- as are the walls and floors
 The world famous Hall of Mirrors- it is all it is thought to be!  Magnificent!
 Hall of Mirrors
 Rich in the Hall of Mirrors
 Typical room
 Exterior detail
 Exterior detail
 Battle painting.  The French have HUGE paintings of their battles.  Here we have Napolean over-seeing his troops.
 Napolean and Josephine being crowned emporer and empress
 The Hall of Battles- gigantic room filled with gigantic paintings of battles.

The grounds are really a giant park.  We bicycled the park then rowed the lake!
 Grounds view
 Gargoyle? LOL!  Rich on the lake with Versaille in the background
 Me relaxing in the boat as Rich rows (we did take turns)
 Me in the gardens
The formal gardens!

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