Friday, October 3, 2014

London- a true world city!

5 days and 6 nights in London are not enough.  The last city to visit in our adventure, London was a great place to wind down- well, wind up, actually:-).  Talk about frenetic!  From the time you step out of the arrival gate to the moment you leave, you are surrounded by people, sounds, history, music, art, architecture, sometimes decent food, good beer, great theatre (that is quite different from American theatre!), and on and on!  Plus, no other city can place incredibly old and historic buildings next to architecturally magnificent new structures like the English.  London- a World-Class city!  To make it even better, we met up with people on 3 days: Terry, Carolin, and Kim, Peter, Jonathon and Owen- people we were were ecstatic to see, and loved being around!  They added so much to our London experience, we can't even fully express it.  London- what a joy to visit!

 Cool busker!  Witch with a cell:-)

 and Big Ben!
 and Rich with the London eye
 Borough's Market- a VERY cool market at the base of "the Shard" the newest and most modern sky-scraper on the London Skyline

Borough Market with "the Shard" in the back-ground

 the Tower Bridge with Rich
 Modern buildings as seen from the Thames!
 the oldest building in London (London Tower), and one of the newest,n "the Gherkin"
 The Tower of London (oldest building in London) and "the Shard", the newest building in London
cool view of the Tower Bridge
The Tower of London and the Tower Bridge

an afternoon with Terry, whom we met on the cruise, lives just outside London, and is a very cool Englishman!

Harrods and the city at night!

Brighton is a very cool seaside town on the southern coast of England!  My friend Carolin, originally from Frankfurt, Germany, has chosen Brighton as her home.  After showing us this very cool town, we agree with her!  It is definitely a liveable seaside town!

 sunset in Brighton

 the Brighton board-walk
 Brighton town
 Carolin and Brighton at the Royal Pavilion
 Brighton from the beach
 the pier, with very fun rides and games
the beach

Windsor- home of the Royal Family!  We met my niece Kim, her husband Peter and their two children Jonathon and Owen, in Windsor for the day.  They are residents of England and are working there.  What is totally cute: the two boys are speaking english like the English!  Totally cute!!!
 Windsor castle from the river
 Rich, Peter, Kim, Jonathon and Owen
 posing in front of our family home, if we were of royal blood.  
 Owen found a rock!
 Rich and the boys goofing around
town view of Windsor

Rich and I with the boys

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