Monday, June 8, 2015

Le Morne- paradise on earth! Really!

     We spent only two nights on Le Morne- probably one of the most beautiful places on the planet- and definitely, the most beautiful hotel we have ever stayed in!  We stayed in the Beachcomber Paradis, located on a tiny penninsula in the south of Mauritius- you could walk around the property, one side facing the sea and keep walking around to the Bay behind!  The entire place is surrounded by beautiful water! The beaches were the best- great sand!  No (or few) rocks, and a hotel that is beyond incredible!  We took snorkeling trips out to the reef, but mostly, we did what we love to do- we walked those beaches, then layed at the incredible pool!

Le Morne, means "the mountain", is located on the south of the island, and is the second largest rock monolith after Uluru (Ayer's Rock) in central Australia.  From our hotel, you could see Le Morne from so many vantage points, but you also had the pull of the beautiful sea!  It was hard to choose which- but always we would just stare at and absorb,  the beauty around us.  Sadly, knowing that soon, we would be gone.

The incredible infinite pool looking out to sea

Buffet breakfast, that includes omelettes, and chinese fried noodles!  Of course croissants and rich dark coffee!


Beach, looking at our room.  Nothing like having your own palapa!!!

Sunset looking north!  The mountains along the west coast

Le Morne from the beach in front of our room

Some guy who was sitting under our palapa:-)  He was too relaxed for us to tell him to move:-)

Sunset at the pool!

Le Morne from the pool!

Morning at the pool!

Rich in the ocean, me looking towards Le Morne


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