Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Videos!!!!! From Europe, 2014

As you all may recall, Rich and I spent 6 months in Europe in 2014.  I am sure you all enjoyed our posts:-).  But in addition to photos, we took videos.  I know it has been awhile, but we have now converted those videos into YouTube movies!  (Aren't you lucky!!!!)  The videos are not extensive, and some, like Ghent, Belgium and Edinburgh, Scotland are essentially music videos.  But you are in luck:-)  We did take videos for your viewing pleasure.  But take solice- each of the video segments are not that long!  Some of the videos- Italy and Germany- are long, but only becausse we spent so much time there!  Enjoy!!!

1. Spain and Portugal
Our first video for your viewing pleasure is from Spain and Portugal. This is short- less than 8 minutes.  We spent the month of April between the two countries.  The video from Barcelona is of a procession of nuns and priests singing, becauses it was close to Easter.  We went to Seville, and filmed the Alcazar and Cathedral Square, then we have 2 videos of Fado singing in Lisbon, one male and one female singer.

2. Italy
We spent the month of May, 2014 in Italy, traveling around most of the country.  This video, although a little long- 18 minutes- takes us from Lake Cuomo in the north, to Florence, to Rome with St. Peters, the Coluseum, and Palantine Hill, to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.  

3. Monetenegro, Croatia, and Bosnia
Our third video takes us to the country Rich really wanted to visit: Montenegro!  the first clip is from Budva, one of our all-time favorite places, then on to Kotor.  Off to Dubrovnik, Croatia, we have several clips when we climbed the walls of the old city.  Last time we were here was 1986 when it was part of Yugoslavia.  Now it is a cruise port- over-come by tourist hordes'; but at night, it is beautiful.  The last clip is from Mostar, bosnia.  Famous for their bridge, this was one of the most non-American places we had visited.

4. Germany
My favorite country of all!  We were lucky enough to stay in Berlin for almost 2 months, living at our favorite place, Pension Knesebeck, operated by Frau Kolenowski, her daughter Doreen, and granddaughter Emma.  We became so close to them, it was amazing!  Each morning Emma would have breakfast in her high chair, sitting between Rich and I.  Then we would watch her while Doreen walked the dog.  Emma would come in our room and watch tv or, more often, jump on the bed:-) Again, amazing!  We also spent a few days in Heidelberg, a really beautiful town.  

While in Berlin, Germany won the World Cup!!  We would go to the Tiergarten and watch the games on the jumbo-tron and pretend we were German!  On the last game, we had front row seats at a local restaurant- and of course, Germany won!  So we were off to Tiergarten for the "Welcome Home" celebration. Another amazing experience!

But one of the most significant adventures we had was a long weekend meeting my friends from the Camino de Santiago in the town of Dobeln.  That was an amazing weekend!

5. Belgium and Scotland
This is a very short video.  First, we take a 360 of the main square in Bruge Belgium, a town I had wanted to visit for many years!  The next video is from a couple playing classical music under a bridge in Ghent, and the third, a local band in Edinburgh.  Hope ou enjoy the music as much as we did!

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