Thursday, April 7, 2016

Cabo Polonia, Uruguay

Cabo Polonia- another place we had never heard of, but our friend Ro said we must visit, so we did!  First, it is located in a national park, so you park your car, jump on a truck, and are driven the 6 kilometers to the "town", and I use the term loosly!  The road is not paved, so you are driving in a huge truck through well worn gooves in the sand- so thedrive is like a roller coaster- there were many times we though we would just tip over:-).  Oh- and we took the seats on top of the truck- most of the people were in the bed of the truck.  With the wind (and rain) hitting us, it was an amazing experience!!  The town is not really a town, but a collection of buildings of different styles, sizes, and materials. The area is on a slight penninsula, with bays, so on one side you have rocky raging waves and the other long sandy beaches!  Definitely a place to get away from the world!  It is populated by drop outs and artists, and beach lovers!  Also, no electricity!  Our hotel had a generator from 7:30 PM to midnight.  But lots of candles!  You have the beach, and beach walk, light house, restaurants, bars, and music! Spending time just walking the trails, climibng the lighthouse, listening to the sea lions, eating good food- like I said, drop out of life- it was amazing!!!

These are the trucks that take you in

Us on top

View from our patio

Everyone on our patio- getting ready to drink wine!

light house at night

Breakfast with the kittens!  So cute!


Our hotel

Rich as a cool door

One of the house murals

The raging coast

sea lions

Rich at the lighthouse

Entry to the path leading to the light house and sea lions


Good bye- it was GREAT!

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  1. A PARADISE !! Absolutely !! Unforgettable place and company !! full of friendly cats and dogs .. and delicious wine, miniaturas fish and buñuelos de alga, peace and love ;)