Saturday, April 2, 2016

Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay

Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay's oldest city, is a cute place everyone should go!  First, it's old!  That means great buildings filled with arts and crafts! A town that is enjoyably walkable! It also means cool old hotels and good restaurants. For us, it is always the sea!  We loved this town!!!

Our hotel- it was really great!!!  We drank wine on the terrace at night!

Ro, Ivan and Rich on the spiral staircase to the terrace

Typical tree lined street!

Just another cute cafe!

remains of the origian buildings

Very colorful!

Light house attached to ruins of original buildings

Rich on top of the light house (of course we climbed it!)

View of the park and Cathedral from the light house.  The trees in the foreground- filled with parrots!

Shadow of the light house
town from the light house


Unsuspecting friends beings stalked!  LOL!

Shadow of Rich and I

Full moon that night- it was magical!

The town was filled with old cars- very well maintained to decorative items:

The Cathedral was beautiful in its simplicity!

Wall art on the Rambla

Linda and I next to the oldest standing building in town

The gate into the old town

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