Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Eva Duarte de Peron- Argentina's savior/pariah/dictator

Don't Cry For Me Argentina!  The famous song from the musical "Evita" lives strong in our life!  Most of what we know about Argentina comes from reading about Evita's life.  Turns out she was a strong figure in Argentine history- some hate her/some love her.  But she is everywhere in Buenos Aries.

Casa Rosada- the house of the President

Rich and I at the Evita Museum (sadly, there no photos allowed inside)

Us with our tickets- see how happy we are:-)

Rich at the gate to the museum

Me at the poster outside the museum

The Family Duarte buriel chamber in Recoletta Cemetery, where her body is layed to rest.

Camino Perigrinos at the Casa Rosada

Eva's brother

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