Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Iguazu Falls, Argentina! A Natural Wonder of the World!!!

One of the beautiful Falls!!!!  We are like wet rats:-)  Just finished a speed boat tour of the river and falls- the captain took us under some of the falls- 3 times!!!!  It was the best shower we ever had!!!

Iguazu Falls Argentina- also known locally as Cataratas, Iguazu Falls are on the border of 3 countries: Argentina (85% of the Falls), Brasil (15% of the Falls) and Paraguay, with a border on the river.  Iguazu Falls are one of the Natural Wonders of the World- and for good reason!  They are magnificent!!!!  We had seen pictures and knew we wanted to go, but could not be prepared for the magesty of this place!  Truly magnificent!!!  Every person should plan a trip here- it is that beautiful!

Things we didn't know: Argentina is incredibly eco-conscious!  Their treatment of this natural wonder is something to be proud of- between recycling and no development, they have done an incredible job here.  It was made a National Park in 1934.  

There are extensive path/trails here- but they are raised above the ground, supported by beams, so plant and animal life crosses easily.  The walkways take you everywhere!  There is a train that starts at the bus stop and entrance that takes you up two different levels- the upper falls (el Diablo!), and the lower falls.  From there, you have different trails to choose.

There is lots of wildlife here also!  One of the critters, the Coati, runs in packs, climbs everywhere, and begs for food:-).  They are cute, but you are constantly warned they bite and will grab at bags.  They followed Rich quite a long time because he had fruit in a plastic bag!  There are also toucans and jaguars,which we didn't see.  We did see monkeys and eagles (Harpi)

Three nations share the river and falls: Argentina, Brasil, and Paraguay

Butterflies everywhere!

walk way to El Diablo Falls!

Iguazu River- incredibly wide ans slow moving- you would never gues what is coming!

first inkling of the falls

selfie at the point where the falls start

Rich doing yoga at El Diablo

Wet rats:-)

we took a jeep jungle tour- it was good- but the boat ride!

Our speed boat

as we approach the falls

after the boat ride- wet rats!

The Coati- reportedly vicious, they were so cute@

panorama of the Two Sisters Falls

The town of Puerto Iguazu, at first glance, is a ramshackle town from years ago, built from whatever materials that could be found.  But after just a bit of walking, you realize how charming it really is.  It is a small, easily walkable town with tons of good restaurants and shops.

The main plaza

the main plaza- there were tons of people out just talking


The main street

the other main street

where they meet:-)

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