Thursday, April 7, 2016

Montevideo, Uruguay- Part 1

Ever hear of Montevideo?  I remember reading an atlas when I was a child and saw the name "Montevideo"- I thought it was a nice name.  Other than that, crickets.  If it weren't for meeting Rosanna on the Camino, I would never give it a thought.  If it weren't for everyone from Camino planning to attend Felipe's wedding in Buenos Aires, weprobably wouldn't come.  We are so lucky that all these random events brought us to this delightful capitol in this delightful South American city!  Tree lined streets!; on the coast, so the Rambla (walk way along the coast) is several miles long; some of the best and most beautiful buildings from the 18th/19th century!  Beautiful city filled with parks, walking areas, restaurants- truly a nice place to visit!  The city has both old buildings and modern buildings- about 30% of the buildings are that ugly, barely functional, concrete bunker, Stalinist Gothic style with airconditioners sticking out, no decorative value, and truly an eye sore.  The rest- wonderful!  Plus, many of the buildings have murals painted on them, making many neighborhoods even more interesting!

The Camino group- Ivan, Rich, Rosanna, Stefan, and Linda, in the Mercado

The Montevideo sign- with all of us climbing all over it


The five of us goofing off! (Rich, Rosanna, Linda, Ivan, and I)

The original gate to the city.  Originally, it was walled.  The walls were taken down many years ago.

The National Cathedral (sad picture:-), but no good vantage point)

Interior of the cathedral

Cathedral cupola

Tree lined streets


Asado- barbecue- in the Mercado

View of the interior of the Mercado

 Street Art!!!!!

Cubist mural of the Rambla

goofing off

Concert at the Theater Solis!  Met the star Valerie Lima!

Selfie at Theater Solis

Ro and Rich walking the evening stroll


Good-bye Montevideo!!!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful the way you share with family and friends !! and the pictures are great !! !! !!