Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Belfast, Ireland- ancestral home of the Diana clan:-)

Northern Ireland and Belfast were not part of our planning, until Diana broke the news!  Her great great grandfather was from Antrim County, Northern Ireland!

With this news- a day trip to Belfast was in the cards!  Diana and I took the train to Belfast, spending a mere 4 hours checking out the city.  Sadly, with so little time, we did not have the opportunity to see the interesting sites that set Belfast from the Republic of Ireland.

But we did walk part of the town, and listen to music in a pub!  Another trip will be in the cards to learn more!  We asked about the town diana's great great grandfather came from, but both a google search and talking with locals in the pub did not come up with information to help us.  We now have a challenge:-)

Diana with her new favorite drink!  The sticker on the mirror welcomes her to Antrim County!

Photos of the town

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