Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Blarney- the castle, the stone, and the town

Blarney- just the name reminds us all that we must kiss the stone:-)  Our first stop after Dublin was, of course, Blarney:-).  The largest city close by is Cork- we didn't tour it, but we got lost driving through it, and so feel like we saw it:-).  We decided to stay in the town of Blarney- and glad we did!  It is tiny!  One little street with 2 pubs:-).  Loved it!  There were few tourists staying there, so we got to meet local people- they were amazing!

From our hotel, we crossed the street to enter the Blarney Castle- an old, old ruined castle with the most beautiful grounds and an old manor house still occupied!

Town park of Blarney- across the street from our hotel

Our hotel

Little river that runs through town

Our evening drinks:-)

graveyard in town

Never seen this before!  A sign saying "no drones!"

Rich and I at the castle

The castle is in ruins, but the grounds are magnificent!

Diana in the castle- little rocky corridors!

Rich, as seen climbing the stairs to The Rock

Diana at the Blarney Stone

Me kissing the Blarney Stone

Rich kissing the Blarney Stone

All happy that we kissed the stone:-)

Manor house on the ground!

Hydrnageas of every color!  they are everywhere in Ireland!

Rich in the cave on the Blarney Castle grounds!

Close of Blarney is the cute little town of Kinsale!  It is so colorful!  But they have terrible coffee:-).  We took a day trip here to check it out.  It is worth a quick visit.

Kinsale Castle- this was used as a prison for many years.  It even held American prisoners of war from our War of Independence from England

The Charles Fort, which guarded the Kinsale harbor.  It was an English fort, fairly recently rebuilt.  This year, 2016, marks 100 years of Irish independence from British rule.  It is star shaped so from every point, you have a line of sight to the harbor.

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