Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Kenmare- an incredibly cute coastal town close to so many things!

We knew we wanted to drive the Ring of Kerry, but wanted to stay some place small, so we skipped staying in Kilarny and chose to stay in the town of Kenmare.  So glad we did!  Possibly our favorite place in all of ireland- cute, friendly, close to things, lots to do, and the sea!  We stayed at a small hotel in the center of the town- with a pub downstairs!!  Each night we would go listen to music and have a pint to reminisce the day.  From Kenmare, we drove the Ring of Kerry, and added the Ring of Skellig, which takes you to the western-most point of Ireland.  We tried to take a day trip to Skellig Island- from the Star Wars movie- but it was booked the entire time we were there.  The town itself is totally cute, with colorful shops, great food, and sights!

The rain stopped and we had a most beautiful sunset on the Kenmare coast!

The Ring of Kerry is a drive around the Iveragh Penninsula- with dramatic cliffs, beautiful coastline, and lots of ruins!  Takes about 6 hours to drive it, if you stop.  It connects with the Ring of Skellig which takes you further west.  Here are the Cliffs of Skellig (also known as the Cliffs of Kerry).  Not as tall as the Cliffs of Moher (see Galway), but every bit as beautiful!

From the Cliffs of Skellig, you can see the Skellig Islands- a monestary was built there in Medieval times, with rough-hewn stone steps to the top.  It was included in the latest Star Wars movie.

The countryside is really beautiful in Ireland

An old stone fort- Cahergal- on the Ring of Kerry

Sheep are everywhere!

Kenmare- main street

Ruined castles are everywhere!

One of the sights of the Ring of Kerry is the Muckross house- an old manor- we toured it- it was worth it!

No photos were allowed inside the Muckross house, but I was able to snap a couple, unnoticed!

The Kerry National Park is worth a days visit, with the waterfalls and views- beautiful!

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