Saturday, October 8, 2016

Augusta, Georgia- an unexpected gem

We had planned on 3 days each in Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina...But Hurricane Mathew had different ideas:-(.  After first planning on leaving Savannah early when South Carolina ordered an evacuation, we made reservations to stay in Savannah, then go to another town inland.  Then, Savannah got the mandatory evacuation order, and our hotel said we had to leave that morning, so we had to locate another place to stay. But really- how many places in Georgia do we really know about?  After looking at a AAA tour book, we decided Augusta would be where we would go.  After arriving, the hotel, which was trying to accomodate tons of refugees, they recommended we go downtown to the river walk.  River Walk?  We didn't know there was a river walk!!!  So downtown we went, and how cool it was!!  This is an old city with lots of old historic buildings, great restaurants, and tons of things to do!!!!  Interestingly, there are huge numbers of buildings from the early 1800's, and again from the mid-1800's.  That makes this city even more interesting to see!

The Savannah River- River Walk!  A levee built along the Savannah River to prevent flooding has been transformed into a fantastic walking trails- both along the river and atop the levee.  With many benches for sitting and watching the world, beautifully landscaped with trees, bushes and flowers, historic information, and historic items along the way, this is one of the best ramblas I have seen.  Oh- and across the river is South Carolina!  The river is the border.

Broad Street is the main street- here is the monument to the confederacy.  At the base are 4 generals- and they are all looking up-at an enlisted man.

Augusta Georgia is known as James Brown town- because James Brown called this city home.  Here is a statue of James Brown on Broad Street:

Claire and I with James Brown

The August Museum is filled with James Brown memorabilia:

Augusta Georgia is also the boyhood town of President Woodrow Wilson.  His father was the minister at the city Presbyterian church during the civil war.  According to the tour guide, Woodrow Wilsons observation of the horrors of the war is what made him hesitant to commit to World War I.

The First Presbyterian Church where Wilson's father was minister

Baby picture of Woodrow Wilson

There is a swamp just outside Augusta- of course, we had to walk thru it!!  It reminded me of the movie "Blair Witch"!  Allit needed was sticks tied together hanging from trees:-)  Oh- and there are gators!!!!

We heard something?!!!!


We took a historical trolley tour of Augusta- here are some of the things we saw:

There was a store in town that a crazy minister wanted to preach at.  They said no, so he cursed the store, said that it would burn down and only a pilar would remain.  So oddly, years later, it burned down and the only thing left was a pilar!  The pilar is haunted and peple who touch it get flat tires.  But fearless me, I had to touch it:-)

Old bridge that is being refurbished.

Sacred Heart Cultural Center.  It was a Catholic church, but a new one was built.  It was about to be torn down, but the historical society saved it, refurbished it, and now it is a museum.

George Washington came to Augusta during his tour of the south.  This is a memorial to his visit.  At the time, being a general was more important than being president:-)

First hospital in Augusta

Claire and I on the trolley

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