Saturday, October 8, 2016

Ocmulgee National Monument

Never heard of Ocmulgee?  Don't know what it is?  Join the crowd!  We only heard of it from a section of the Atlanta museum that gave information on the original inhabitants of this area of the country.  The Ocmulegee Indians were here thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans.  Interestingly, another group of indians arrived a few centuries before the Eurpeans- they are called the Mississipians, because they came from the Mississippi River delta area.  They fully displaced the Ocmulgee because they had superior organizations and farming and weapons.  Followign the arrival of the Europeans, and subsequent destruction of Mississippian culture from disease and war, they became known as the Creek indians.

But the Ocmulgee were fascinating!  They created buriel mounds and  hilltop cultures (because they were closer to the Gods), and within the mounds, were buriels and cultural centers.

At the National Park center, there are diorama's of the different ages the Ocmulgee lived through and developed through:

Typical homes:

Buriel Mound:

Incredible clouds the day we visited!

Entry to the mound

Hallway into the mound

Inside the mound

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