Friday, March 31, 2017

Explore America Series: Sedona Arizona- A Jewel in the American crown!!! Also, the surrounding area is filled with great finds!!

As I referenced before, Rich and I had different areas of Arizona we wanted to see.  I already covered my choice, and now for Rich's- Sedona!  Possibly one of the most beautiful areas we have ever seen- it is a place every American should see and be proud of, and every person on Earth should experience at least once.  I cannot express how beautiful it is, and any photo cannot possibly do it justice.  Every view is spectacular! The sunlight and moonlight dance across the landscape in unimagineable beauty, changing the beauty to even more beauty!!!  The vistas are fantastic!  Sunrise and Sunset are different every day, flowers sprout from every plant, Sedona is Incredible!!!  And each monument has a name: bell tower, courthouse, cathedral!  You can hike and climb every one of them.  There are jeep tours that are reportedly fantastic, but sadly, we didn't know you had to reserve in advance.  We didn't even know it was spring break:-)  One of the upsides, and downsides, to retirement!

We have been told to visit Sedona for many years!  Finally, we did, and it won't be the last time!  Sedona is also known for energy vortex- find them, lay on them, and feel the energy surge through you!  In fact, the entire place surges with energy!!!

Sunset with thunderstorms and rainbows

Rich did yoga poses everywhere.

A Catholic church built into the mountains- incredible!

Jerome, Arizona, an old mining town that has become a destination!  Art, restaurants, wine!  Cute, hilly, vistas, so worth a day trip from Sedona!

Tuzigoot- never heard of it?  Us either:-).  Reconstructed Indian ruins, now a National Park.

Montezuma, Indian cliff dwellers- so interesting!  Part of our National Park service!

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