Friday, March 31, 2017

Explore America Series: Tombstone and Bisbee Arizona!! Jewels to be seen by all!

Earlier, in our Phoenix post, I said that Rich and I had areas of Arizona we each wanted to see.  First, my choice:-).  I have wanted to see Tombstone ever since I first heard about the OK Coral!!  A few years ago, I read about Bisbee, and soon wanted to see it.  Was I ever over-Joyed to find out it was very close to Tombstone- SCORE!

First, Tombstone:
Tombstone is a true tourist destination (trap).  Everything in Tombstone is geared towards lovers of the old west and the story of the shoot-out at the OK Coral.  It is well preserved, and has tons of things to see and do and buy that is old-west oriented.  A great love of mine are ghost tours.  Sadly, the ghost tour I chose was a real bust.  I chose the Gunfighter-Ghost tour- it was boring.  Our guide knew his history, and he really busted the mystique we have of this historic gunfight.  Sadly, he was uninspired, so I do not recommend it.  On the other hand, we saw the gunfight at the OK Coral- it was very entertaining, taught history (the real history- refer back to the busting of the mystique), but it was fun!  I do recommend it.  The town itself is mostly original and well preserved.  Go see it- it is totally worth your time!!!  Even though the restaurants are basic and over-priced, they are all decorated so well with tons of memorabilia; and at night tons of music!  Also, people dress up in period clothing- it is so fun to see!  During the day, when shops are open, there are gun fights in the street, photos with dressing in period clothing and located in period shops, stage coach rides, and you can get "hanged"!  There is even western miniature golf:-).

The dryness of the Tombstone area

The coffee in the town is terrible (no Starbucks!)

Arizona has great sunsets!

Locals at the restaurant we had dinner

Miniature golf!

The old courthouse

Me in front of the hearse that carried the OK Coral dead

Diorama of the gunfight

Actors in the re-enactment of the gunfight

Stage coach rides!!!

Boot Hill!!!!

Original street sign

Wyatt Earp statue

Bisbee was awesome!  An old hippie town that is filled with great restaurants, art galleries, and coffee shops.  And probably the best- a copper mine tour, where you dress up in miner clothing, get on a miners trolley, and take a ride deep into the mine.  The guides are ex-miners, you stop at a couple places and learn about the evolution of mining equipment, the life of miners, and see how ore is mined.  Arizona's main ore was copper, so you really learn about copper.  If I was to make a recommendation, and I am:-).  I would tell you to stay in Bisbee so you can eat at the restaurants and see more of the galleries and the cute town, and do day trips to Tombstone.  Tombstone is pretty much dead at night except for the restaurants with their music.  Oh,and Bisbee is on hills, steep hills, so there is lots of uphill walking, but so worth it!!

Art on one of the retaining walls

Getting ready for the mine tour

Rich as miner:-)

Pat as miner

On the trolley


Rich with driller

dynamite in the mine wall

Our guide showing equipment

The ore poured down the shutes into train cars

Street scene!

Mole' enchiladas and rice and beans YUM!  Rich had the best chili rellenos ever

Protestors for miners rights

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