Sunday, July 16, 2017

Explore America series: Philadelphia

Philadelphia- the City of Brotherly Love!  It is!  The one thing that struck us within hours of  arriving was how nice the people were.  Even the homeless were nice- and there were tons of homeless:-(.

Home of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross, the writing of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and our first Capitol, Philadelphia was astounding place to visit and spend time.  The history is amazing, the architecture makes the city stand out, and the city pride is something we should emulate.  I recommend a visit to Philadelphia!  We had so much fun!!!

Independence Hall- site of the first congress of the new United States.  The area includes Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, information on the buildings that stood here in times past. A  timed ticket (free, available online or at the visitors center across the street, is required to enter and take the tour, which I found very educational).  The Liberty Bell is a separate entrance with no timed tickets, stand in a line and wait your turn.

Independence Hall from across the street in the Museum of the Constitution

LARPing:  Live Action Roll Play

Rich and I at the Liberty Bell

Original House of Representatives

Original Senate

Down the street from Independence Hall is the house (recreated) the Jefferson lived in  and wrote the Declaration of Independence:

As we were in Philadelphia during the 4th of July, Independence Hall had LARPers reading the writings of our founding fathers

the Museum of  the Constitution is fantastic!!

Betsy Ross was a  real person!

The Museum of the American Revolution was fantastic, with Washington's actual tent!  Film and dioramas of the Revolutionary War, artifacts that are well marked, and tons of information.

Charles III, our last king

City Hall- Philadelphia's city hall is truly a beautiful structure

capitols of supporting columns

the city fountain is enjoyed by all the citizens

Philly cheese steak sandwiched- delicious!!

the oldest beer in America

two oddballs strutting the street after eating a cheese steak sandwich
 Riverside fun- along the banks of the Delaware river, the city has developed shops, attractions, restaurants, and 3 times a week, the best fireworks we have seen!!

Reading (pronounced Redding) Terminal Market.  Once the train terminal for the reading railroad, it now contains great restaurants!

the City Tavern- a very nice restaurant that bases their menu on the cookbook of Martha Washington!  Very good food:-)
Cody's shrimp

Rich's salad

My turkey pot pie

and a beer:-)

Making donuts at the Reading Market!!  We went back several times:-)

Rodan museum!
Rich and the Thinker

weirdest damn buffalo!

fun with Alexander Hamilton


Rocky stairs- Rich walked up

the LOVE sign is out for repair, so...

4th of July fun!

rolled ice cream!  Cold surface, cream, fillings that are chopped and spread out til they freeze,
then rolled and put in a cup with more toppings.  Freaking delicious!!!!  And fun to watch!

the streets of Philadelphia have row after row of brownstones, each individualized, making for beautiful tree lined streets!

There are cute little areas of the city with distinct personalities, making this huge city very livable!

Over by the Ben Franklin Bridge is this very old, original street- Elfreth's Alley- unchanged since 1830!

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