Saturday, July 8, 2017

Explore America Series: Washington DC

Washington DC- our capitol!  Such a vibrant and exciting city with memorials and monuments at every turn!  It was fantastic!  It was also tiring:-).  The memorials are so huge, they are quite far apart, which requires walking- lots and lots of walking!  Because we wanted to see it all, we never really stopped to have an afternoon beer and people watch.  This is something I encourage every one to do, and hope that I follow my own recommendation on our next trips.

Each Memorial represents a very specific and very emotional moment in our history.

Everyone knows about Washington DC, so further comments are not warranted.  Here is our adventure through our capitol.

Rich and Cody on the Arlington Bridge
 The Korean War Memorial!  After the Viet Nam Memorial, this is the most emotional memorial on the Mall.  Comprised of multiple statues of soldiers in rain gear slogging through Korean wetlands- the thought of these men in these horrible conditions is tearful:-(

Goofing off with the Washington Memorial

World War II Memorial

The Washington Metro is clean, efficient, and huge!

The Washington Zoo- free to get in:-)

Cody's alligator tattoo with an alligator in the background:-)

Monitor lizard!  Largest lizard on earth.  We were there when he was fed- frozen rats!

Lincoln Memoria

reflecting pool

Soldiers watching over the Viet Nam Memorial
The Viet Nam Memorial is the most tearful, with our soldiers names engraved in a reflective wall:-(

 White House!  We were able to arrange a tour of the White House through our representative Devin Nunes' office

Things prohibited when visiting the White House- 


THE painting

The Capitol!

Helen Keller


The Dome of the Capitol

The center of the Capitol

The Holocaust Museum brings the horror of the Holocaust to our hearts:-(

Jefferson Memorial- off the beaten track, but a must see

FDR Memorial

MLK Memorial

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