Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Budva, Montenegro- let's lay on the beach and do nothing!!!!

We are finally here in Montenegro!  Interesting how we got here.  We always knew we would take the ferry from Bari, Italy to Bar, Montenegro, and we knew how to get the tickets, get to the ferry terminal, etc.  What we didn't know, or even expect, was the labyrinth of buses we needed to take to get to the ticket counter for our documents and then get back to the ship.  Every terminal I have been to, including Brindisi in Italy, has the ticket counters near the ship.  Not so Bari!  Theirs was miles away, with no instructions!  Thank god we met up with an Albanian that knew the port and the bus system!  Of course what we thought was plenty of time turned out to be just under the wire, not that that is unusual for us:-) We finally got on the ferry and to Montenegro with no other glitches.  

Now we are in Budva, Montenegro- just a beautiful beach town, complete with an old walled town, beach promenade, different beaches you can walk to or take a bus or boat, restaurants and boats, and really nice people, good food, and prices we love:-).  The country is basically mountains that lead down to the sea!!  We got here Saturday, and have 2 more days here- sadly we leave tomorrow (Wednesday), unless we extend our stay.  I hope we do, but there are other towns in the country we want to see, and time is getting short! 

The coffee here is delicious!  It is Turkish style, so has sediment on the bottom- don't gulp it!  The main foods are vegetables, soups, and grilled meats- all delicious!  The sea is absolutely beautiful!

We can't believe what we thought was more than enough time to explore Europe is not even close to enough time.  We got our appointment for our visa in Berlin on July 8, so our goal is to get to Germany about July 1- way off our June 1 goal!  LOL!

 Rich ontop of the old city walls looking out over the sea
 View from the towns main beach- which is the entire front of the town!  That is St.Nicolas island
 A view of part of the old town from on top of the wall.  Note the hotel and beach next to it.  There is a huge amount of growth here- almost too much!  They tell us that the town is busy only 5 months of the year and deserted the rest.
 Rich with the symbol of the town
 The picturesque island of Sveti Stefan- it is now a privately held island/hotel.  Only way to see it is by boat
 Sculpture on way beach path, with old town in background
Old Town from the beach!

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