Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dubrovnik- the jewel of the Adriatic

If we have to leave our beloved Montenegro, we might as well go someplace awesome, so Dubrovnik, Croatia, here we are!!!!  One of the largest and best preserved walled medieval cities in the world, Dubrovnik does not disappoint.  However, there is a huge problem with that- everyone wants to see it.  Crowded with tourists does not describe the claustrophobia that we went thru yesterday when we walked to our room in the old town.  But once the cruise ships left,it was incredible!

An old defensive fort sits above the city- bombed during the war, the rubble still makes for the perfect sunset spot!  You can walk up- but it is an excruciating climb.  Better to take the tram! Enjoy!

 I finally found a bottle of wine I could appreciate!  LOL!!!!
 Dubrovnik old walled town from the hill
 Rich with the Croatian coastline in the background.  Incredible number of cute little islands along the coast.
 Sunset over the islands
 Old walled city illuminated at night
The main square at night.  The red and white projection is the pattern for the Croatian soccer team.  They played in Brazil last night (Wednesday) against Camaroon and won 4:0.  

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