Friday, June 20, 2014

Dubrovnik: part dva

I know, I know- to much Dubrovnik!  But I have to take back what I said about taking this city off your list because of the crowds.  They are REALLY annoying, but you can escape them for a bit, and they all leave at night!  This city really is amazing- no wonder it is the jewel of the Adriatic!

 Rich and I with the red tiled cityscape below us
 Me with Dubrovnik in the background.  Such great vistas of this city with a few minutes walk outside the city walls.
 A view of one of the narrow city streets!
 A portal in the all has a look-out of the Adriatic and a fort on an island (connected, though) just off the town.
 A side view of part of the wall- the entire wall is walkable!!!!
 As you know, we always climb everything.  But sometimes we are not sure-footed.  Here, Rich almost falls off the wall into the Adriatic.  Luckily, I was there to catch him!!  LOL! 
 The roof-scape of the town!!!!
In 1985, Rich and I were actually here in Dubrovnik- at that time it was part of Yugoslavia.  From this same vantage point all those years ago, we took a picture- with the island of Locrum in the background and the red-roofed city below us.  The world was different then, and we were much younger, but coming back, we had a true sense of familiarity!

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