Monday, June 23, 2014

Mostar: Day Trippin!

Who knew that Herzegovina had so much more to offer than Mostar and its awesome bridge!  We took a day trip and saw several towns! 

Blagaj- One of the largest underground sources of pure water!  There is a small cave we boated to, and a Dervish school attached to the mountain.  Very cool!  The water was delicious, but freezing!
 Here is a photo as we approached the cave.  The reflection is amazing.
 Here is a photo as we were leaving the cave
Dervish school 

 Pocitelj- a 14th century fort on the river Neretva River.  It sits on a hill and has a commanding view of the valley and river.  (

 Rich and Dino, our guide, at the foot of the fort.
 View of the valley from the tower

A long view of the tower and part of the ancient, crumbling complex.

 Me inside the ruins

Mogorjelo- a Roman rancho!  ( It is from the 4th century.

Kravice falls!!!  (  We brought our bathing suits as everyone said the water was warm.  It is warm if you have no nerves!  We waded in as far as our knees- within seconds, they went numb!  Freezing does not describe it.  These people are a hardy breed!  But beautiful beyond anything I expected!!!!

 Long view as we approached

Medjurgorje (  In 1981, 6 teenagers claimed the Virgin Mary appeared to them repeatedly to spread the word of gods love.  Since, it has become a pilgrimmage site for Catholics, although not officially sanctioned by the Vatican.

I became aware of this because one of my Peregrino/Pilgrim friends, Felipe Silveyra, introduced me to the books written by his father, Jesus Maria Silveyra, one of the foremost authors in Argentina.  Mr. Silveyra's focus is his Catholic faith.  His book on Medjurgorje is one of the few translated into english.  The name of the book: Confessions of a Pilgrim to Medjurgorje the book is available in english on Amazon.  
 Me at the Church of St. James
 Selfie inside the church
The shrine to the Virgin Mary

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