Monday, June 23, 2014

Mostar- home of the most photographed item on the planet- the Mostar bridge!

Mostar- a place I have wanted to visit for most of my life!  I have seen pictures and read about the bridge most of my adult life, and finally got here!  The bridge was financed in the 1560's by Suleyman the Magnificent (this are was under Ottoman rule for centuries).  After 427 years, the bridge was destroyed during the war of the Yugoslav break up.  In 2004, it was rebuilt using the same stone from the original quarry, and built with the same ancient building techniques.  It truly is magnificent!  And the old town is as cute as can be.  Interestingly, the streets are all rounded stones set in concrete- and large enough to twist your ankles.  

 View of the bridge from the river.  Notice the beautifully colored buildings framed by the bridge.

Look VERY closely!  There are people who jump from the bridge after collecting money.  I caught one of the jumpers. 

 Rich at sunset with the bridge in the background
 Long view of the river and bridge- all along the river are restaurants!
 The old town main street.  The roofs of the buildings are all stone- it looks like a dragons back from above.
 On the hill above the city is a giant cross.  It marks the spot where Croat tanks parked and shelled the city, eventually hitting and destroying the bridge.
Me showing the size of the cross- it really is huge!

 All over town are evidence of the war- from bullet riddled homes to burned shells of buildings.
 The bridge- so completely beautiful!
A toast to the bridge!

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